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Oh, so you put your child on the lap of a strange man in the mall and they weren't pleased with your decision? Weird.
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Published December 22, 2010

1. Crying Because He's Sitting on a Murderer's Lap

Unhappy santa original


2. Crying Because Nobody Hears Her Screams

Emma cries with santa original


3. Crying Because That's Certainly Not a Mall

Santa makes isaac cry original


4. Crying Because Santa's Wayyy Too Excited for this Pose

Screen shot 2010 12 22 at 7.03.02 pm original


5. Crying Because His Parents OH DEAR GOD

Scary santas 1 original


6. Crying Because Freedom Tastes Good

Scary santas 3 original


7. Crying on the Inside

Scary santas original


8. Crying b/c The 'North Pole' Was Really an Awkward Euphemism

Shudder.. original


9. Crying Because Her Dad May Have Just Died...Because of Santa

Stay back or i ll spit up on you  original



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