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O i know you want this body boo! 6 pack of Cougarness on dat a*s b*tch! (you must view all on one page to see the rants.) Well Blow Me Down!
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Am up for a Mother Daughter 3 way.

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But if i have to pick one am going mom all the way. So how about i come over so your mommy can teach a thing or two about getting it on like donky kong baby! SO LETS GET iT ON! 

The sexy hippie lady. ( Mushrooms are a hell of drug.)

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So hey baby i can't read at all so could you show me the hands on way, of all the Karam Sutra positions. My sweet vegan friend because am rocked and ready for love my love. Now where is my weed b*tch! 

Your older sister's BFF

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She has been waiting for you. 

Give me some more of that Demi Moore

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LIke a geat man once said before "So look here is my thing about tities and it's this if i can touch them there real, because them tities ain't retarded WOOOO BABY! 

Sara Sliverman the Queen of Comedy.

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Well since her BF is a Liberace kind of guy these days how about you cum on me Miss. Sliverman even if your on your . am up for it sexy. 

"Now That sh*t is tight!"

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Marisa Tomei turning gay men straight since the 80's.  ( More banging ass hot now then ever before, so if your looking to score i'll give you the gore in the back door you dirty little whore. ) O! O! O! O!  you know it! 


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She can slam me hard anytime };-O 

This Ho!

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What can i say i love it loud and crazy as f*ck.