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12 of our favorite artists to depict exactly what gifts they'll be giving for Christmas after the apocalypse hits. From the album 2776, featuring dozens of musicians, from Aimee Mann to Yo La Tengo, and comedians from Aubrey Plaza to (z)Ed Helms, check out www.2776.us
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Additional Credits:
Rob Kutner, Joel Levinson, Stephen Levinson
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Published December 20, 2013

A Bot Sipping Humanoid Tea

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By Roz Chast

2 Zombies Zumba-ing

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by Jose Arroyo

3 Mutants Mating

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By John McNamee

4 Horsemen Hamming

C06609a195053e3ce1a433aa5d6bb25e width 600x

By Russell Bishop

5 Trillion Cloned Brains

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By Pierre Bernard

6 Steampunk Chipmunks

E939e35690c45a5a04da84a3546d1af7 width 600x

By Tony Millionaire

7 Cyborgs Sighing

Fc52524a97d24a92d0b6eda3d68ea7a5 width 600x

By Rob Guillory

8 Icecaps Melting

5dc74f828fab1a44d658b301cbab4b06 width 600x

By Colleen Stokes

9 Aliens Ailing

5a27d685713c51d38ef6b324a6aef5a5 width 600x

By Michael Kupperman

10 Loose Nukes Luging

99e2b04806a0e03921ec6c1d87454db6 width 600x

By Heather Bradley

11 Giant Germs

D64fbaf7cc5a2ba7ca317480e92cb2b4 width 600x

By Martha Rich

12 Raptured Raptors

D6d9fa8b47ad0fc9ac6d46162c575e33 width 600x

By Andrew Lin


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