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real Letters that are funny as hell that i found spankin off. (view all at once)
Published June 22, 2011 3.5k views More Info ยป
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Published June 22, 2011

What a hell of a guy.

060ffdaecf5fc21e7eb74219fa0bb038 original

I be there on my dirtbike at 4:13 smokin a fag.

48d24b14e4419c31847f762f1486068a original

You tell that old bag.

5e43eb4cf3270eb92f3fa77182a8b9f3 original

That is Mr. 007 to you buddy boy!

190d976a77e9173be1edc389ffe4ff73 original

Jackin it.

79c5e041b42365abfc354cc709f0c846 original

Thats my girl!

8afccc7cdc7db51a212ba7e526ed4642 original
060ffdaecf5fc21e7eb74219fa0bb038 original

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