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Random pics and rant "jokes" ( view full page to see the jokes.)
Published February 25, 2013 880 views More Info ยป

Well Lets see here why don't we my peepz.

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tits or tits! am i right or am i right people! O cum on you know what am talking about };-O

So your saying there is a chance!

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"Trust me players this line works never times big pimpin."

O yeah now that's the stuff baby!

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Sorry about that but my thing here is getting a little hard. You know ladies ;-) Ok back in the game. Just let me clean up first.

Online Dating

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Man you can't even have sex online anymore with out getting a virus. An just think this b*tch stole my iD and now she has no life.

Real Life Dating

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i get dibs on top!

This is what can happen when you sale weed for a living.

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An yes he is still living with your mom. Tug Life 4-Life G! "Am on top of the world!"

LSD it's a hell of a drug.

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"Wait where am i at again" O that is right am on FOD well f*ck that sh*t am out!

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