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Published December 29, 2011

The Dude

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The Big Lebowski as a catroon on Comedy Central would be the F in Sh*t dudes. 


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A new action cartoon show on Adult Swim on Saturday Nights. Wesley Snipes doing the voice over work for Blade. or on what ever channel on what ever day. 

The Lost Boys

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The Cartoon since where talking Vamps. 

Big Trouble in Little China

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Like it would only be the best cartoon ever made thats all ! 

The She-Devil

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A cartoon made by the W.W.E that is kind of like that old movie Bedazzled. A cartoon for adults. Real sexy sh*t.

Dumb and Dumber: The Cartoon

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FOX, FX, Comedy Central Adult Swim TBS who wants it's big dogs? An have the Farrelly brothers have a hand in making the cartoon. 

The Tick

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Bring it back as a Cartoon FOX. For the Pot Heads. At least on FX. Action Comedy is a must have. 

The Big Fish

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A college comedy type cartoon centered around a school of piranha fishes on adult swim with voice over work from up in coming stand ups we should know out by now and we need to know about. 

There Barely Legal Girls: The Cartoon

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A Adult Swim or what ever channel cartoon show about young sluts that just turned 18 acting like wild animals where the party never ends and somthing crazy is always going down. 

Liquor Man

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A cartoon based off the Liquor Man comic books. "My Hero" 


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After Ghostbusters 3 in 3D comes out this year there should be a new cartoon made for Ghostbusters to air on the Cartoon Network. The kids will love it bros! 

This is back with new episodes

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Only on Adult Swim. Summer of 2013. Go Team Venture!

When Hell Freezes Over

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A cartoon comedy show about living in hell when it freezes over.