The fashion, the drinks, the cars... the upcoming film, "Gatsby" is a marketing gold mine. Here are some products pulled from the era that are bound to spark a revival.

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Tiffany & Co. Great Gatsby Collection Savoy Headpiece

Tiffany's is responsible for a number of dazzling baubles worn in the film, such as this headpiece that retails for $200,000. 

Full Face Swimming Mask

This headpiece supposedly protected a gal's face from sun-exposure, hopefully doubles as a gimp mask, and is sure to make a resurgence this summer. 

Dresses by Miu Miu

Miu Miu captures the liberated style of the Flapper girl who's cropped hair and loose dresses were free from the constrained corsets and petticoats of the bygone Victorian-era. 

Hickory Period Harnesses

Tampons weren't a thing till the 1930's. In those extravagent ballroom scenes, check for harness lines to see what jazz-age darling is doing the Charelston on the rag

The Gatsby Collection by Brooks Brothers

The 20's meant saying bye-bye to stuffy coattails and hello to free-spirited tuxedos such as these from this limited edition Brooks Brothers line.  

Radioactive Water

In the 20's radium was a cure-all from everything from asthma to kidney problems. No doubt the ultra-modern Jay Gatsby would have jumped on the craze, as did a like-minded real life sport named Eben Byers. Byers drank a bunch of  radium-infused water for that extra vim and vigor and ended up being buried in a lead-lined coffin after his jaw fell off.   

Blush Papers by Mai Couture

"Apply your blush without a brush, just like a flapper girl," says fashion site Refinery29. "Gatsby-era beauties flushed their faces with rouge papers, and you can get a gorgeous glow with this Blush Papier from Mai Couture."

Lash Lure Cosmetics

This lash and brow tint gave women eye ulcers before they went blind. Apparently the pictures made Eleanor Roosevelt cry, do doubt from the allure of the 20's couture.  

The Gatsby Prada Collection

The high-end fashion line is responsible for designing many of the stunning dresses worn by Carrie Mulligan and others in Baz Luhrmann's upcoming film. 

Noxious Hair Dye

In the 20's, there were no hard and fast rules for how to get your hair blonde at a salon. So if you wanted to look like Carrie Mulligan, you did what Jean Harlow's hairdresser did: combine a bunch of stuff including Clorox bleach with ammonia. Sure, any high school chemistry teacher can tell you that makes a poisonous gas, sure it made Harlow's hair fall out and she died at 26 of kidney complications. But it also makes a star-quality platinum shade of blonde. 

Harrods Great Gatsby-Inspired Cocktail Bar

Bound to put all the mixology blogs with Gatsby-themed cocktails to shame, Harrods' department store is temporarily changing their wine shop to a speakeasy called, "Cocktails and All That Jazz" and serving prohibition-era drinks. 

Morphine Cough Syrup

Touted as a cough supressant for adults and babies, this cough syrup was outlawed in the US in 1911, but wasn't taken off the shelves in the UK till 1930. However, morphine cough syprup is still available in England, so if you're across the pond, grab a bottle, head to a theater and enjoy Gatsby in the spirit it was intended to capture, knocked up on good ol' fashioned morphine.