An what i think about them teams.
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Hey it's old Mr. Red.

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Back in the summer of 1860 the Reds would switch the Mr. Red logo for the C do to fact that the man was the mascot  "Mr. Red" at the time was busted for sexual assault at the home opener. "That pervert Mustache isn't going to help the come back." WHO WaNts a MusTache RiDE!

Bring this back and send them back to the AL.

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Hey Ryan Braun if you keep it up on your juicing i can see winning! MVP #2 in 2013 bro. "Like yeah man i would having taking that piss test for him dudes but i would never pass it with all that weed i have been smoking and all, Sorry DOGz!"

I think its time to move back.

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Only Because there is notting in Charlotte(Besides the Bobcats and you know there never going to make the playoffs no matter how much money M.J trows around.) . So the least the NBA could do is give them there damn team back. O by the way that goes for the Super Sonics as well, even with the NFL and MLB in Seattle. "Becasue with the way them 2 teams play no one can even tell that there "beloved" Seahawks & Mariners are even still around."  P.S i guess N.O can have the Bobcats.

HeY! From Tampa Bay!

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Where in the big boyz league now. "Yeah they suck alright ;-)"

Just let the damn HOU Texans be called the Oilers again for the love of GOD!.

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"A Everyone knows that there is no f in oil in Nasville there Titans! so just give them the dang name back."

Bring back the outer Space look.

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Just think since it makes them look like losers it will make it a little easyer on everyone to take when there sucking it up.

What the hell does Carolina Know about Hockey anyways?

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They f in move the dang team A! To a place that doesn't  even have ice A! &  they end up winning  the whole darn thing. O Lord Standly back in Da 2005-2006 you should ah been with us here in old Hartford CT you gosh dang Hurricanes! to hell with yah there A!

Da Pats are on of the best teams we seen in years.

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Yeah! if i ever lose a beat and have to get a Pats tat on dat ass of mine there this would have to be the one for me fo sho!

the 80's is where its at.

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Hell bring back the 80's logo and i beat old Boommer would come back for one more year. "Couldn't be much worse than having  the old dirty Sanchez dair at the QB spot."