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Published April 13, 2013 200 views More Info »

Welcome to the Red Wings club.

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O! all she needs is some good d*ck and you f in you it bro.

Well blow me down!

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Alrighty then!

Sticking up your butt since the 50's

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"i always have sex in the bathroom on my lunch brake yo." Hey lunch brake get ladies };-0

Keep drinking that soy milk baby.

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Some times you feel your nuts and some times you bust.

No dude you let me tell you somthing man.

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Like for real brother man there out there.

Ah What! Asian women don't green eyes!

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"My wee wee is this big."


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So stop talking about being a dike you dingbat.

Hey it's not rape if you enjoy it said the GOP.

Ab213ca62e308a593995bb2ca907d299 width 600x

A message from the GOP. Rape it's for the kids. The more you know.

Go Go Power Rangers.

4520551b483a577584b35b9b62ee9917 width 600x

"His like a young Bruce Lee with diabetes."

Still got it ;-)

Cd4f7b390d2d80848e4ad6298df61461 width 600x

"An That's what she said! SHE SAiD!"

Still Me

65bc6dda8948dd73627a510fd9634493 width 600x

"i know little budy am a dumbass retard."

Your lips are smacking };-)

Dae11607659c205a56df651f942b528a width 600x

WOO Miss. Camel Toe 2013 eveyone give it up!

Your Turn

11827 width 600x

Yes he do.

Ok Killer

17281 width 600x

Bring it on Vandam.


17378 width 600x

F*ck it !

9 time out of 10

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Your talking to someone like this ladies. "They callme Catfish."

O i see how it be North Korea.

Fdc09f26d9af3f949318e7d09fbda403 width 600x

"i never cheating in school i just droped out."

tag team back again

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Yes there gay but not in a good way.

i know what your thinkin.

D2609d2d33ac77b7735a8c562dc595ca width 600x

True story.

Thanks Dad

Cea669e0fb893fbd27e0b1fa77ff5355 width 600x

Aha drugs are bad um k peeps.

This is what my band sounds like.

Fd256948ff663b258d5ae17123df476a width 600x

Check us out on myspace dude.

Virgin for Life.

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shave the whales

265b2363c38875aa01621deb929b7913 width 600x

This man has never seen his own dick.

Vote Green in 2013

6d57ebaf52fe7a7ba10fb868248f7877 width 600x

Smoke your weedies.

Maybe one day just maybe.

Fa92108f030515a8b4a65695e130acca width 600x

To bad there are no jobs.

Am having a Flash Back.

1f43f7fba7a2848afc3d7165266eb82e width 600x

RiP man.

Dang Kids and there pranks!

0bee0b429f79a5ccfbbf85f8093f0a29 width 600x

Boner pills it's one hell of a drug.

Never stop working your way to the top.

9a5b3931fd5ed92f4f8275b84bfb6395 width 600x

No! No! No! lick it then suck it babe.

You guys got me.

E4cc782612b14616bc098aedc10093b4 width 600x

Look it's just a fact of life that's all.

Pimpin ain't easy dog.

4bb03dd1ca0047b727d9aa8aac78ce94 width 600x

An haters masterbait.

But Lucky for you.

Dd10f3a9be8237eeb716474249d3b680 width 600x

Players! Keep Ballin G.

Don't Be a Dick a !

Cc00fa75f4a97b14a5d52bdcac34376a width 600x

And The 5-0 too!

Little Sammy

Gerber baby reject gerber baby sam kinison demotivational poster 1258665328 width 600x


You Nasty.

B0e7cebc2a6fde74b1e55874f997703b width 600x

Like a real man.

Be Cool Be Cool

8145a9c935274f16cdc33a10a5d45b9a width 600x

An no you don't not at all.

Failing at life one day at a time.

A7fc4c437d927f55e7b674ff865f4027 width 600x

Thanks Beer.

You are what you eat.

2226e474176ed5291a30b4a87f64bb51 width 600x

"i have a feeling she f*cks like a champ."

it's my party and i'll cry if i want to.

B6f1797d2a4dc15f35fd0d40340d9c9b width 600x

You would cry to if she did it withyou.

A man can wet dream.

83b696f7a4ee6b3cb2fadb389eb09043 width 600x

Am sothere dude.

Lucky you.

9e3abfe1c8a30ab5ec5ff8846f5674f1 width 600x

Enjoy your black out.

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