#25. Bridgette Wilson

36e2fa4e520ef7e48fdeb8ae23e31b12 original

She was big in 1995. As Sonya Blade in the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie and she was Veronica Vaughn in Billy Madison. An she hasn't been in a movie since 2008 in the movie Phantom Punch. "So put it on the record because i say we need Bridgette Wilson in the movies again players." #BridgetteWilson

#24. Amy Miller aka Amy Rolle

2e8bf8fb08c4564bd6c6705c6ef9f746 original

She was Trakeena in the Power Rangers and she hasn't been in a movie since 2001 in the movie Rock Star. Come on now people these hot babe needs a gig for the love of God !. #AmyRolle

#23. Amber Lancaster

C65af08e48ea97e6d956015f55440758 original

Lots of small parts over the years since 2007 but hasn't had anything big time at all so i say f*ck that it's time she gets a staring role in somthing good you all. #BiGTiME ! ( SO fiNE ! ) #AmberLancaster

#22. Rachel Reynolds

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She was a model on The Price is Right and she has been on The Bold and the Beautiful as a few times so she has paid her does so she is do for a real big time shot as in right now come 2014. So hook her up ! #RachelReynolds 

#21 Barbie Blank

7f24923532b4da1c4a1bcc2ec3c8b6b1 original

You pro wrestling fans know her as Kelly Kelly O YEAH ! . She is natural born actress that has the looks and so much more my friends. She is so ready for a super hero movie.  #BarbieBlank 

#20. Erika Fong

367412270fd8bdb4c1353f56fe28c744 original

Young, Hot and Smart you can't go wrong with Miss. Erika Fong my big wig friends. An the kids know her as being the pink ranger in the new shool power rangers on nick. #ErikaFong

#19. Candice Lewald

412d798a2dac0c18e89e9b56845a6f8a original

She hasn't been in anything since 2009 and she has only been in one movie called Gutterballs ( YES ! she does show her maga hot tits in that movie and yes there real, An yes she is f in hot as hell ! ), but am telling you all right now this chick e has it all going on and then some my peeps. So hook this lady up with a role as Ghost "You Comic books Fans know am talkin about" ! #CandiceLewald #SWEETLORD #MELiKEY };-O

#18. Tania Saulnier

6a8870401182cd57489cb0ec017244a0 original

She has been acting since 1998 but hasn't been in anything at all since 2010. An that is a sad thing because this woman has range for days my friends. So give her somthing good NOW ! #TaniaSaulnier "An  yes she was on Smallville for little you comic book nerds." 

#17. Karan Ashley

Cb89b72f1c4050bf4202eb9994ed49e1 original

Her last movie she was in was in 2005 in a movie called Devon Ghost: The Legend of the Bloody Boy and in the 90's 93-95 that is, she was the Yellow Power Ranger. She has over payed her do and she ready for a big time come back in 2014. Because her mad skill is being under used and not used at all anymore so give her a call casting crews. #KaranAshley ( She looks good ! ) 

#16. Patricia Ja Lee

793c42b35f8ec3e6d65a8786c588bef9 original

Patricia Ja Lee, you know her as the voice of Jill Valtentie from the Resident Evil video games. An she is all that and a jumbo bag of chips my peeps. An she is so ready for a break out role come 2014, like you don't even know ! #PatriciaJaLee ( best young actress in town ! ) and she even does her own stunts ! Winner ! Winner ! Winner ! #PatriciaJaLee

#15. Nicole Paone

Df694567b82214f1e933b1212bfdd528 original

She is a Actress \ Producer and Writer that didn't do sh*t at all in 2013 but am telling you she is funny as f*ck, so i say put her back to work in 2014 Hollywood. #NicolePaone 

#14. Erin Foley

5d80ed0167b986d425ac857797dcd03e original

You know her from her stand up comedy act, and yes she does also act and she has more range than one would thing and she is nice candy if i do say so myself. #ErinFoley in 2014 !  O she is so ready ! 

#13. Susan Ward

C995d7436f964652feecbca8740120ca original

OMG ! She gives me the chills with her mad skills that haven't payed the bills since 2012 so i say Susan Ward all the way in 2014 baby ! #SusanWard   #SEXYTiME

#12. Lara Gilchrist

403c1afa7abf94157fd9e6aeb1351b89 original

This sweethart of a lady hasn't worked since 2011, so i say f*ck the kid sh*t it's time for Lara Gilchrist to become a hot shot. #LaraGilchrist 

#11 Jilia Arkos

1c433470a0bd893ff59f25fa726a1adf original

Has been acting since 1993 but hasn't ever really got that big break out role is needs in the movies or on t.v so lets do this in 2014 big wiggers because she is the it factor of 2014. #JiliaArkos  Come one she is so super cool ! 

#10. Tegan Moss

4154b3d17bf832a597b670fb6397b86b original

She is young fun and funny this lady is good stuff but needs that big role in 2014. #TeganMoss 

#9. Marit Velle Kile

1e7ac4b9c7ac03491f979710088c7dae original

She Got her start in Blade 2 and hasn't worked since 2008. This woman has all kinds of range movie makers so get her into the dang movies again for real playes. #MaritVelleKile 

#8. Melody Johnson

Bf6dc191aa1cf958373032c4e46d2656 original

She used to be in all kinds of crap as a teen but as an adult she hasn't been in a movie or show since 2005 ! WTF ! FTW ! #MelodyJohnson in 2014. Trust me she is good really good so give her a shot Hollywood big wiggers ! 

#7. Ash Sroka

1ac6a68c7bedea09d753d9f7e4ac5a32 original

She does voice over work for video games now a days so for the love of all that is good in the world give this woman a real t.v show or movie role that is worth somthing for once in her life for the love of God ! Just sayin ! #AshSroka 

#6. Rebecca Carlton

3ee5c343e0e37ce3b445ffbff548e52e original

This cougar hasn't acted since 2002 well that all comes to an end in 2014 baby ! Because it's on ! #RebeccaCarlton

#5 Louise Cliffe

Fdd5f797064fbaa33346d68c11f91f6e original

You can't get any more sexyer than this young lady Hollywood ! #LouiseCliffe She hasn't work in a year so hook this sexy woman up already ! 

#4. Jemma Palmer

C6e73fa02f9b48ac0fcc2076e4d4eba7 original

You know her as a slammin hot Pro Wresler sports fan, but this young hot thing can also act like a champ and so i say lest bust her out in 2014 my friends. #JammaPalmer #BarbWire ! 

#3. Sasha Craig

C9d348c1ff680f171ae1ead37f4b86dd original

She was the Yellow Power Ranger back in 2001 and she hasn't worked on a movie or show since 2010 in Tucker & Dale vs Evil. She needs to work she can do any role and she is very good lookin so a come back in 2014 is a must do. #SashaCraig. 

#2. Erica Cox

Db6a032e061d1463caaf1c9c47fc81e5 original

YEAH ! She has done some small roles and crappy movies and what not but she didn't do sh*t in 2013 so i say lets get this woman a real role in 2014 because she is ready for the big time spot light. #EricaCox  "The Cox love her" 

#1. Angie Diaz

Cc425174e3304c9dcb4939fe9543b4c4 original

She was the Pink Power Ranger back 2006. An she hasn't worked since in 2009 in the movie Kowning. Get this woman some gigs my peeps ! SHE SO NEEDS iT  BiG DOGS ! #AngieDiaz