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Skunk Swagfly was born in the parking lot outside of the Denny's where his 15 year old mother worked in Opossumville, Mississippi. Chiam "Tank" Finkelstein was born in Brooklyn, NY; the only son of Mortimer and Juliet Finkelstein. He was named after jewish rock legend and Kiss frontman Chiam Witz aka Gene Simmons. Skunk and Tank met online in 2002 while both were beta-testing for the MMOFPS PlanetSide. They led a fierce verbal assault of a web administrator and both were banned from the server, prompting them to become fast friends; however as the two were high school students at the time and living and different states, they did not meet in person until 2006. In 2006 Skunk moved to New York after his mother (who was working as a "dancer" at Bud's Boob Parlor in Oppossumville) met and married the same night in Vegas, a 97 year-old Texas billionaire (made rich when his land was found to be plentiful with oil) who was visiting the "Boob Parlor", intent on killing time, after his leer jet was refused take-off due to a category 5 hurricane a day earlier. Fortunately for Tank, who grew up in an abandoned water tower, his drunk mother may have been unfit at parenting, but she married well.. and blind. The two became fast friends at jew prep school in New York City (Skunk was forced into judaism by his 97-year old step-father, who though born a Christian himself, converted years earlier due to better business practices), and soon decided to create their own web show. The show, which aired on YouTube, quickly became one of the fastest growing and most successful web shows of all time. The immensely popular YouTube stars were banned from the site for 14 months after two successful seasons of their show for reasons we are not inclined to discuss.