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SKIT SKIT is a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based sketch comedy troupe, specializing in being better than you--in taking it, literally, to the limit--one more time. * Skit Skit began in 2007 as a collective of students and alumni from the University of Saskatchewan Drama Department. Initially, the troupe scheduled a one-off, one-night-only show for June 5th, 2007. The original line-up of writers/creators/performers included Ashley Turner, Ashton Francis, Kristen Holfeuer, Brent McFarlane, Jules Mercier, Heather Morrison, Matt Keyes and Ed Mendez, with John Holgate (as John) via video skits and some other video cameos. The Skit Skitters have continued (much abated) to work on skits and video work. They remain a looming presence over the Saskatoon alternative sketch comedy scene, still untouched in the area of video-and-theatre skits shows performed by college students from Saskatoon in Saskatoon where other people from Saskatoon come to come see them. Their presence, however, previously described as looming, is also dark. Shadowy. Unpin-down-able. They remain like some great band that broke up, or a great night of conversation, or that one time you actually thought you loved your girlfriend--there, and then gone again, and then continually wished-for, again and again, but they/it/the moment that finally covers all the emptiness never comes back. Unless . . . unless . . . Interests Death, Violence, Slang terms for 'vagina', etc...

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