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In all of my past lives, I never once believed in reincarnation.

Likes: - A Woman Breast Feeding A Baby. Preferably not their baby. - Anytime Maury Povich says "...You are not the father." Especially talking to his Dad. - Not being the father. - Man Crushes on my Best Friends - Paul Giamatti - Literacy - Sprouts On Sandwiches - Open Mouth Kissing - Pet Names. For humans. So people with names like Rex, Mittens, or an overweight pug-looking man named Thomas Hefferson. - Bounce Sheets Dislikes - Showers; Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Daily Showers. - Being Forced To Choose Soup or Salad - Paula Deen (Pie ? Pah) - Jeggings - Domesticated Animals - People Who Believe In God But Not Themselves - Sand - Overweight, Rude, White Women Wearing Visors - Rubbing Things For Good luck - Astrology Still Unsure About - Retention Ponds - Overly Patriotic College Kids - Russell Brand - Pancakes - The Smell Of A Fresh Pad Of Post-It Notes - Jumping High Fives - Reality TV - Picking My Nose Not Being Socially Acceptable - My Dad's Tattoos - Getting Women Pregnant