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Darnell Kirnon

As long as I could remember ART has been what defined who I was, not necessarily who I am but I am very grateful for having it. It still happens from time to time { "Oh your the one that draws, right?", "So you still draw?"} I love that! I stand out in a good way. I'm unique whether I'm addressed as Darnell, Donnie, Skill or just plain Dee. How you know me is how I am and what you know is... well it is what it is. Thinking back... mmm ... uh...I tried to be all things to all people and failed miserably in my opinion. It's was difficult feeling that others knew you better than you knew yourself & even then only knowing yourself the way others view you to be. That's not the case now ( even though on occasion my status may state otherwise ). I know ME and I'm comfortable with that