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After a long struggle with an addiction to puff pastry which almost ruined her journalistic career and creamy thighs, she set out to revolutionize the video news magazine landscape by starring and producing So LA! with Sister Galina. Success quickly followed, but unfortunately so did the paparazzi. Unable to handle the pressures of fame, she had a relapse and overdosed on a stolen shipment of Vons creampuffs, which landed her at Promises Malibu Baked Goods Rehab Treatment Facility. Having found a new appreciation for life without pastry cream, she left the country and found asylum in Cuba. After a brief stint as Fidel Castro’s cultural ambassador to Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, she returned to the U.S. and took up residence at Peaceful Waters Catholic Retreat. There, she reaffirmed her faith and commitment to her journalistic duties. She returned to Los Angeles in the Spring of 2008 to continue where she left off.

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