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With the advent of SIMPATICO, the days of water-cooler wishes for characters to get together, break-up, take a fall, or rise from the ashes will be transformed. Through multiple-choice voting options at the end of every episode, the results of which are revealed the following week, SIMPATICO’s audience will literally shape the entire series. Each season of SIMPATICO will consist of 9 scripted episodes that include improvisation by the cast. Most importantly, at the end of each episode, viewers will be asked to vote to shape specific aspects of the plot. The results of some votes will be revealed in the following week’s episode, while others will be revealed in the final and 10th episode. The finale will be 100% improvised based on audience votes throughout the season Don't be left out! Be a fan! http//!/pages/Simpatico-the-Web-Series/302398875362