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My name is Shelagh and I'm originally from New England. I married & moved to Florida in the 80's- I've been widowed for a while, now. I live in Palm Beach County with my 2 dogs, 2 cats, parrot & occasionally my favorite college kid comes back to roost... I taught pottery for 9 years, mostly to special needs students; people with Alzheimers... autistic children... blind folks... deaf... I've won a few awards along the way... I now paint murals & faux finishes for a living. I have a small B&B and have met some really cool people this way. My passions are the environment, animal rights, fair hiring practices and natural healing. I recommend for all that ails you and your pets!! I've blogged a bit there, as well. I love to do pottery, sculpt and make coil pots. Actually, that's therapy for me; I'm more than a bit nuts until I'm 'playing in the mud'. I also love to kayak, go to the dog beach and listen to live music. I love my son Spike's company most of all. I love to travel and now that I'm old enough not to give a hoot about what others think, I am nurturing my inner hippie ! My brother was the 'black sheep' in our family; I'm the tie-dyed sheep. Love that the new 'retro' look is back, ha ha... I still have stuff left over from the '70's- they call it 'vintage'. Deja view all ovah again! That's me, vintage & loving it!