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is busy being the bombdig

I do a sick Cher impression and a pretty sweet Jewel one too. I taught Dave Chapelle how to use his iPhone. I love cheese but not cottage cheese. My friend Sarah and I brought back "the bomb." I am currently losing the battle against using "for sure." Shenanigans is probably my favorite word. Vondruke is a close second. I love to abbrev. At a Mexican restaurant, I am 85% likely to order the Chimichanga. It is delicious. My conversation is usually peppered with humorous movie or arrested development quotes, regardless of the conversational subject matter. Any Anchorman quote can relate to any part of your life, no matter what. It is a classic and all quotes are timeless wisdom. Sometimes, when I watched AD, I feel a sense of belonging... this may be because Lucille "Gangy" Bluth reminds me of my grandmother, Mimi. I'm kind of a big deal. People know me. My secret dream is to be a stand-up comedian. The first time I admitted my secret dream was December 29th, 2007, in Denver, Colorado. P.S. I don't know if you heard me counting, I did over a thousand.

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