hey would u lik to be my friend,lov ya!;)

sexybitch5863 sexybitch5863

im 17 and single im also a swimsuit model i lov going to the beach and i live in malibu!i like to play sports i have a major crush but i dont he likes me and my bff is amber who is just the same as me we grew up toghether and she is also a swimsuit model,17,and single!!i kissed only one guy which was when i was 10 and im a virgin also at my school(when im not modeling)im a cheerleader and amber and i are toatally alike so that means everything i sed is the exact same as amber oh 2 more things 1 im a great kisser and 2 i dont smoke,do drugs or drink and im not planing to exept i might drink when i am older!!!!!my fav color is red,and blue i lov animals at my mansion in woodbury(cuz i live in three different places)i have horses,cows,pigs,cats,dogs,kitties,puppies,goats,bunnies,ferrits,fishes,birds,hamsters,chinchillas,guiene pigs,snakes,and mice!!!!!i know i have a lot of pets but some r my brothers and if u do anything bad my brothers WILL HURT U!oh im so sorry for writting a lot well i could make it up to u if ud like(do something or be ur friend)lov ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;););)