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thought he'd try funnyordie after reading about it in Time Magazine. Enjoy his

Seth Bisen-Hersh is a prolific and versatile composer/ lyricist, accompanist, vocal coach and performer in NYC. Musicals: Stanley's Party (Critically acclaimed world premiere: Manhattan Children's Theatre, 4/10), More to Love (Reading: Theater1010, 7/09), The Spickner Spin (Fringe NYC 2004, Audience Favorite Award), Meaningless Sex (FringeNYC 2003, Audience Favorite Award). Cabaret acts: I'll Relax When I'm Dead (2010), Writer's Block (2008), Why Am I Not Famous Yet? (2007), Neurotic Tendencies (2006), Meaningful Sex (2005), The Gayest Straight Man Alive (2004), And Then She Dumped Me (2003). Annual charity concerts: Broadway Meows, Broadway Can! . Upcoming projects: Love Quirks: a song cycle of unconventional devotion (Sept 24th @ 9PM at Don't Tell Mama) and What if...? 2 Bachelors, MIT; Masters, NYU. Member AFM.