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servaitus servaitus

i just did this and of course..well historic.yes born in brooklyn bayridge 36th and father boxing name vic servo like a godfather took care of the whole family.moved do bellmore l.i. when 8 next door to the beautiful tara biegel hewlett lane shore road elementry grand ave jr. high mempham where lenny bruce fisher lacotta bernstein hicks samler and other omegans went to school then jfk in s bellmore had band with carl49 when 15 the guy is awsome tallented oswego state college after going through the windshield the summer before 110 stiches in head marcy yet why did i not persue a relationship with sue dekleva irish green eyes long silken black or deep auburn hair superb superior superfluous buy futures sell futures when there is no future ,,,,was married to joanne for 20 yrs or so son russell daughter martina gson trevor gdaughter madison fortune baby's sales stock brokering trader of options on the psoe passion movies film music tech stuff multimedia john mclaughlin stravinsky danny elfman pacino guzzmzn kate winslett gweneth paltro nicole kidman meryll streep kate beckinsdale matrix bridge over madison county meet njoe black underworld anne rice annie oakley jody foster would mary her regardless of her sexual orientation in a motel the stagecoach grass valley took care of elderly disabled men the autistic players schoenburgh on youtube saintfrancisvideo at the fubar i refer you now to join as my referal under the banner of saintfrancisvideo the place is fast and wild and short walks on my driveway spiritual healing sashimi and italy and england the beatles glenlevitt grey goose very rare ounce in a great while sptitzers or orange sparks helped me not be a drunk for 3 years political about legal speed cns or time release amphetimines and the herb of life a divine medicine....that's it for now tune in to me and breaking bad weekly....yo tuco mr.white heisenburgh madmen jesse pinkman and of course the village people g village carl49's territory......