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Marc Wasserman

I began acting at age 10, joining the local Jewish Community Center workshops. My first scene was from Sweet Charity and I was hooked on musical theater. The following 8 years would include continued Summer Stock musical performances, plays and founding our High Schools Drama Department and Drama Club. Upon acceptance into UC Irvine’s Theater Department I came down with meningitis and had a brush with death. On the verge of losing my life and then beating the illness, it was good-bye college and off to the Hollywood grind. Studying with various singing, acting and dancing coaches I pounded the pavements, audition after audition, bit parts, B-movies, cable movies, commercials, public service announcements, plays and musicals and tons of rejections. I began writing and decided that if anyone, was going to turn me down for a part again, it would be me. Driven by my thirst to create and produce my own projects, in 1992 , I went back to school to earn my Juris Doctrate Degeree and became an Attorney so that I could earn enough money to produce the plays and films I would write. In 1999, along with my life-long friend, Dave Cohen, we opened Res Ipsa Productions and produced the first play I wrote, Terminal. In October 2004, we shot the screen version of Terminal which went on to earn several awards and accolades at film festivals across the nation, including a Best Actor Nomination for myself at the 2006 Action on Film International Film Festival. I also received a Best Actor Nomination for COMMUTE at the 2007 AOF. Now, with more then 41 plays, musicals and films under mybelt, I am determined to bring COMMUTE to the screen. Having spent over 20 years commuting in and around Orange County and Los Angeles,i set out to write a one-act play about commuting. Over the past seven years, that one-act play turned into a short screenplay, which transformed into a feature film. Somehow I find the time to make films in between running my aw practice and taking care of my lovely wife, Janet and our EXTREMELY HANDSOME 2 ½ year old son Jonah. The Commuter Talk Show started as a promotional tool for COMMUTE but has turned into a weekly internet thing. Thanks for stopping by, contact me if you want to book a spot on our Show!