#SearchingForTaylorSwift #SearchingForTaylorSwift


How far would you go to meet your idol?

Heider Tunarossa isn’t your typical Taylor Swift fan. In fact, he isn’t your typical anything… #SearchingForTaylorSwift humorously documents the struggle of a 25 year old Latino Taylor Swift fan and his off the wall quest to meet his unlikely idol. Heider is living in Colombia, and when he's heartbroken, he listens to the song "Teardrops on my guitar" by Taylor Swift and discovers that this girl put in words everything he's going through. He's waiting for Taylor to announce her world tour, and when Heider finds out that she's not coming to Colombia, he moves to NYC determined to meet her and to see her live. Heider spent all of his money in plane tickets, his rent, and other expenses, so basically he's broke and now that he's in NYC, he can't afford to go to Taylor's concert. He doesn't give up and decides to do whatever it takes to meet his idol, the country icon: Taylor Swift. https://www.youtube.com/user/SearchingforTaylor