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Scumbags Comedy

is flushing Polictical Correctness down the toilet.

We are Providence, RI based, sketch comedy troupe, Scumbags Comedy, we started in 2003. We are low budget, D.I.Y. soilders, armed with crazy and original ideas. We write, perform, film and edit our own sketches. We use mostly all RI based artist's music, through out our sketches. We take a no holds barred, take no prisoners attitude, about what we do. We're having fun, making fun, of everything and everyone. The guilty parties -CodenamesCurrent 2010 roster- (Pa'Hat) - (Salami) - (Fat Jay) - (Simon Slab). Our influences are a mix of Cheech & Chong, Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, In Living Color, Troma, The Zucker Brothers, Onion News, The Wayans Family, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Phil Hartman, Spinal Tap, Richard Pryor,The Farelly Brothers, Dave Chapelle Show, Faces of Death & South Park.