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ScubaSteve01/Steven Bruce Wilson

A ready to work UNEMPLOYED Screenwriter and Actor ! I need a job people! HEY! I need to see Mickey Mouse !I have billions of dollars to EARN for the Studio! HELLO? !! Somebody call me! Can I get some Geno's Steaks from Philly and some giant Turkey Legs Please!?!?! MORE! READ ON! Hey! No age on this website baby! I'm old enough to have sex with Olivia Munn! HEY! Can I get some more chocolate chip cookies?!! Check out the Serpent Of 6 at www.authorhouse.com for $4.95 cents. Electronic copy people! I can't sell more books if this one doesn't SELL any copies! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! HELP ME! Leave my dog TOTO alone! We're not in Kansas anymore!