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Scott Foval Scott Foval is the home for ScottsBigMouth Blog and Multimedia Show. Scott and his crew cover media, politics, activism, environment, community, organized labor, government, GLBTQ, HIV/AIDs, and hot news from our world from a decidedly Progressive point-of-view. With Scott's trademark snarky humor and jaded-hack perspective, ScottsBigMouth is a daily dose of unfiltered, direct, out and proud, Midwestern common sense in a world of spinmeisters, sheisters, crooks, and corporate noisemakers. Scott Foval is a freelance writer, host, and producer living in Chicago, IL USA. A native Iowan, Scott is a 1995 graduate of the Greenlee School of Journalism and Criminal Justice Studies programs, Iowa State University, Ames. For 17 years he has served clients as a political operative, professional services consultant, events and media producer, and licensed security practitioner. His clients have included Democratic candidates and parties, not-for-profit organizations, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. Scott reports on current affairs, media, politics, environment, Progressive activism, green initiatives, social issues, and technology innovation on his blog ScottsBigMouth ( During the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election cycle he reported about alleged voter suppression tactics in Midwestern battleground states for The Huffington Post's OffTheBus campaign news site, and polling place administrator training in Chicago and Cook county for Huffington Post's Chicago news site . Scott is 37 years old, and resides in Chicago with his domestic partner of 5 years. He enjoys reading, listening to music, bicycle riding, running, crashing wine tastings and weddings, and consumes dangerously excessive levels of caffeine way more often than he should. UPDATE CHICAGO MEDIAHUB PROJECT PREPARING TO LAUNCH FALL 2009. This Fall (2009) Scott ventures deeper into new media and broadcasting, with the creation of The Chicago MediaHub Project. Utilizing Scott's unique consulting and technology experience, as well as a "little help from my friends," The Foval Group Inc. is launching a new Chicago-based Internet media station, with channels in English and en Espanol. Sponsorships and creative content distribution deals will drive the growth of the station, targeted at technologically-savvy, socially-networked participants driving the conversation and creative engine for all content. For more information visit http//