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better to make movies with no money, then have no money, and not make movies

scott r johnston scott r johnston

philly filmmaker and arts advocate - committed to comedy. the films posted here are all made by myself and my friends, in the mad hope of giving you a chuckle. Vote your conscience...but realize these are uber-nerd shorts, not to be taken internally. there are absurd spoofs of Dr. Who, Land of the Lost, Spiderman, Electra-Woman, Satan, Comic-bookery, Moby-Dick and tits aplenty (courtesy of the peekaboo revue) *all created by EvilOlive3000 Studios

LONG-HAUL Moby-Dick re-re-told 3 items PLAY ALL


The Lore of the Four-Fingered Claw 0 items

ElectrO-WomaN and Dyna-Gyrl 2 items PLAY ALL

The Marshalls 2 items PLAY ALL