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Touring in the same band for just over a year made longtime friends and movie-obsessed freaks Eric Melin and J.D. Warnock realize that they needed their own TV show. The idea for a Siskel & Ebert-style movie review show was hatched on the road. Movies were high on the band's priority list, and after each film, the catty arguing and trivial one-upmanship between Eric and J.D. would last for hours in the band's van. In mid-2004, those heated discussions became "Scene Stealers," a no-budget self-produced labor-of-love TV show on public access in Lawrence, KS. Now you can find all the "Scene Stealers" hot love you need at www.scene-stealers.com! The site is updated multiple times weekly and includes not only print reviews and Top Ten lists, but also on-camers movie reviews and interviews with stars, directors, and rock bands.