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Good Midwestern kid from the M-P-L-S. Lived in Southern California for the past eight years but moved home so that I could freeze my ass off in MN. Now living in Chicago and love it. Like sports, shows, art, travel...anytime anywhere, all kinds of music, cartoons on Saturday morning (when I was a kid!), burritos, sushi, wine, Sapphire & Tonic, musicals (did I just say that?), plays, cold winter nights with a fire in the fireplace, smores, dark chocolate, cheez-its, "True Romance" (Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Christoper Walken, etc....seen it?), clean sheets, hot summer nights, Badger football, State Street Brats, Monday's, beers at the Union, The Strand, Critters, 95 17th Street Hermosa, NYC, Uptown, The Local, Bar Abilene, Chino, Lake Harriet, mom's banana bread, Fulham FFC, Zoe Rose and everything else I couldn't think of

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