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Unveiling the Oppressive Trope of Reality

Hello. My name is Savannah Brown. I am a 3rd year film student at the University of New York, where I created a much­-needed concentration: Post­-Colonial African­-American Film Studies for a Post­-Racial America (PCAAFSFAPRA). I am interested in how mainstream media perpetuates negative stereotypes AND how we can instead use the power of film in an empowering way. In short, I’m here to help you see through that oppressive trope of reality in which you live...

Finding Simfeld 4 items

Before there was Seinfeld there was Simfeld... Come with Savannah Brown as she uncovers the real genius behind the 90's sitcom, Gerry Simfeld. Seinfeld may be a "show about nothing" but this documentary is about something. Ms. Brown highlights the unjust cultural appropriation that is so rampant in our society we are often blind to it. (Disclaimer: this is actually a dark mockumentary about spiritually unattractive people.)