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Sandow Movie

What builds the perfect man?

They laughed in my face when I said I'd build the perfect man.When I started looking like a bodybuilder gymnast model they begged for my secret...Andrei Lenart to play founder of bodybuilding in Sandow Movie Slovenian actor Andrei Lenart Černilogar (Sandow) plays a small role as rebel soldier in the new Star Wars movie ( Star Wars: The Force Awakens ) Interestingly, Andrei is in some pictures looking like the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger ( when he was still young , of course ) . From Cosmopolitan Slovenia Youtube video here please like comment and share Indiegogo campaign below Why is it important that the Sandow campaign gets funded? Sandow is an interesting and untold story inspired by two real world athletes, Launceston Elliot the first British Olympic Champion and his trainer Eugen Sandow. It's important that the campaign gets funding because Sandow is a passionate tale of struggle in the face of adversity, and of a man’s desires and dreams. Sandow is a fascinating and untold story, of a cultural icon who everyone wanted a piece of,it is an important film which needs backers to bring it to the screen.