Totally Bored and Soooo Not Tired

Samrah Samrah

Okay well not to sound cocky or anything I would say that i'm quite a bubbly, friendly person and I totally enjoy meeting new people. I'm loud and people say 'extremley' confident! LOLZ. I love having fun with all my friends, laughing is like a drug for me! I'm the sort of person who loves trying out new things, I don't like one specific type, I like things to vary; I just cant explain how much I enjoy travelling, its just so great! The new sights and places, I travelled to loads of countries, but I still want to see more of what is out there so I want to explore in other words. LMAO! Oh yeah and i'm a VERY daring, I do 99% of dares that im told. Im a very honest, reliable person, I’m really forgiving and so I believe in second chances. I’d also have to say that im very optimistic – the grass is always greener on the other side...So yeah thats pretty much the awesome ME!