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read my full about me haha....

Hey my name is Samantha Jo Byrd, but my friends call me Sammie Jo.I have many many friends and i have a cell phone, a dog, a pool, my dads name is Joel Byrd but ppl call him BooBoo. My momas name is Karen Oneil, my brothers names is Mikey Williams, Jamie Oneil, ALex Oneil, and Nate Byrd........A few or my many friends is Montana Husser, Hailey Havens, Shelby F, Trent Bond, Dakota Husser, Zack King, Collin E, Roy Davis, Jason Davis, and i love football and softball....I love to mudd rid, fish hunt and all that...I HATE ANY KINDA BUG...........I love music and it is my life...Some of my favorite singers is Justin Bieber, but im not Love with him he is hott and everything and can sing but no dont have pics of him everywhere on my wall...I also listen to Luke Byran, Chris Cagle, Chris Young, and alot more i listen to everything but rock......Well I'm just a Small Town Southern girl who lives in lucedale Ms!!!More Info text me or message me!!!