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Steven Alan Green

Steven Alan Green

Steven Alan Green Steven Alan Green

Been a comedian almost all my life; starting professionally at The Comedy Store in the Second Year of Our Lord Reagan. House emcee, joke-writer, actor, doorman. Moved to London, England, got very well known as a stand-up, presented on the BBC, did several one man shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and then created something that nearly killed Jerry Lewis by accident. http//thelaughterfoundation.org/?page_id=2 I started The Laughter Foundation to get comedians Health Care. Our two working programs are The Heckler Fund (emergency grants) and COMEC, the Comedy Museum Exploratory Committee. This November I will be producing a giant comedy gala at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas. And, I'm going to be publicizing the event by pedaling my bicycle 305 miles from LA to Vegas. http//thelaughterfoundation.org/?page_id=659 I have a wide variety of great voice-overs and dislike anyone who.... Well, that's good enough for now.