Ruthie Ruthie


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My name's Ruthie.. I graduated from East Valley. I'm one of the most craziest people you'll ever meet. Don't have a job yet, but I'm working on finding one. I'm 19.I was going to SFCC, but I found out it wasn't for me. I'm a big fan of fanfiction. I write a lot of it, and well, it's what gets me through a tough day. I love reading it and I love to write it. I love my friends. They mean everything to me and I don't know what I would do without them. If you are one of my friends, then I love you guys so much. Family is important to me as well. They may be annoying at times, but I love my family and I wouldn't change them for anything else in this world. I love watching WWE and anime. Although I haven't been watching WWE very much anymore due to my anime obsession, I still watch it whenever I can and I support my favorite wrestlers. As for my anime obsession, I LOVE Yugioh and Dragon Ball Z. I love watching them both, although I do blame TeamFourStar and LittleKuriboh for getting me hooked on the originals and their respective abridged series(DBZ Abridged and Yugioh the Abridged Series).