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Russell William Challenger is an independent Canadian film & television producer, director, screenwriter, visual effects artist, and business entrepreneur. During his career over the past decade, Russell's work has covered many themes and genres crossing multiple industries. Originally hired into the art departments of several science fiction films and television shows, Russell branched off to the world of video games as the Lead Illustrator at Dreamcatcher Interactive in 2002. There he completed original artwork for over fifty published video games, as well as assisting in the development of a first person military shooter for the PC. By 2007, Russell was able to expand beyond the video game industry and begin a career as a freelance illustrator. Over the next three years, Russell would work for all of the major international advertising firms (winning awards in the process), would design and create the artwork for three Canadian Monopoly games, give birth to the ViewPoint Film Challenge (hosting three original festivals), and start his own image oriented company known as the Combined Media Workshop. His ability to shift back into film and television during this period was possible due to his passion for the craft, and his ability to learn virtually any software. By 2010, Russell had three short films and two promotional trailers behind him that demonstrated his strong storytelling and visual capacity. In August of 2010, Russell was hired on as On-Air Promotions Producer for Bite TV. Russell would be responsible for helping to rebrand the channel by discarding the old independent look and implement a more fresh, slick, inviting style intended to focus on comedy and attract more audiences. During his stay, Russell would provide over two-hundred unique promos that would assist in a 700% growth in the company. Today Russell continues to push for new and exciting projects that will guarantee a successful future for everyone involved. Specialties Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Animator, Illustrator, VFX Compositor, Festival Host and Organizer, Special FX Make-Up artist