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We only eat on wednesday's... We are invincible!!!

Lush (RunningCorners) is a band that truly defines the term 'playing music in the hope of making money.' Friends since school, Kormers and rummY have developed a sound that combines lusciously produced pop, with fucked lyrics. People have compared Lush's talents to REO Speedwagon mixed in with a sprinkle of Eiffel 65... these people promptly retracted their comparison once the microdots settled down. Lush's mission is to create music that challenges the listener to think outside the box- question the very nature of reality... other times to think INSIDE the box, because vaginas are great. With the help of the team at S and M productions, Lush are moving forward with the creative process, crafting timeless tunes for the people. I love LUSH- and so will you, as soon as you pull your finger out.