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Fitness for Life : A Rump Posse Mission Statement When people say "run for your life!" they are usually talking about a bear. Not us. We run for our lives. You only get one. It'd be a shame not to fine tune that instrument with a little fitness. It's all about motivational techniques. What moves you. What keeps you fighting 12 rounds. Rump Posse has the fuel. Your life is the fire. Just find that willpower and persevere. That's what you need to be thinking about as you reach into the glove box, pull out that Rump Posse cassette, and blaze down US 101. Go ahead. Cue up "Sports' on your Ipod and base jump off Mt. Rushmore. We got the camcorder. Can I get a manbark?!? Ugh! We want to write the theme song to NASA. We want to be Major League Baseball's official guitarists. We will change the Olympics to the WHOA-Lympics and only host them in the USA. We want to rekindle the American Auto Industry. Muscle cars? Muscle Cars. We want to give you that feeling like you just slid into home plate right when the Blue Angels rip red, white, and blue smoke over Wrigley Field. Can I get a manbark?!? We rock the meadowlands everywhere we go. Even when we shop for groceries. We're an army of one, times four. We are Rump Posse

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