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I can teach you how to get a fella in three simple steps.

Born in 1910, Ruby was raised in Philadelphia to strict and proper parents. Her father, Klaus Besler was one of first neurosurgeons in the United States. Her mother, Lillian Besler (born Lillian Rose Barnes) was a well known socialite and humanitarian. As a young child, Ruby had a genuine passion for music and theatre, often entertaining the ladies in her mother's social gatherings by dancing and early on, showed her acute sense of humor by creating and singing humorous parodies. She usually introduced her act as "The Ruby Show." In 1928, Ruby moved to Manhattan to pursue her theatrical career. She became personal secretary and companion to the great empresario Sol Zigenbauer. She appeared in many of his spectacular Broadway productions, and subsequently in the Hollywood extravaganzas he produced. Hollywood, with its increasingly free thinking conduct was a perfect setting for Ruby. She quickly learned how to get what and where she wanted, and her keen sense of humor opened doors to extraordinary opportunities. She is currently personal secretary and companion to TV mogul Herbert Modunk, who is the producer of her current production.

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