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Heey, I'm Rosaa Louise. I live in England. My favourite colour is purple. I abso

Heey, Im Rosa. I live in England. I was born on 13th of March. I have a mum, a dad, a big brother, and a big sister. I was born on 13th of March. I have a dog (a springer spaniel cross border collie) called Lucy, and she is soo cute, but soo annoying :L ;) I have long, wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes. My favourite colour is purple. (As told by friends >>>>) Im smart, funny, pretty and good at drawing. But the only thing I care about is Justin Bieber. Yes, I know, i am a bit younger than him, but, if he got to know me I think he would love me like I love him, and he would forget my age, and in the end age is just a number. I have (again said to me by friends >>>) nice eyes, a sense of humour, a nice smile, a good personality, AND I could make him laugh. And he has the best smile ever, the greatest personality, and the funniest sense of humour - to me. I hope he has a look at this and reads it, he probably won't but I still hope he does and plus, as JB says 'Never Say Never' ;) I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!! <3 <3 <3 <3 xox