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Andy Roffe

Where Pity Meets Pity

My childhood years were spent on the North Shore of Chicago where I mastered the art of complaining, Super Nintendo, and Wiffleball. I still own the record for most home runs hit at “Roffe Field” and no person can ever take that away from me. When I was 12, I auditioned for a movie and got a “call back.” My Grandparents still think I’m famous. During high school, I was the radio announcer for all my school’s sporting events (We even did a track meet). When I was 18, I realized I had to attend college because I was too White and too Jewish to play in the NBA. I attended three colleges and at times majored in Theater, General Theater Studies, Communications, Digital Video, Film, Fiction Writing, and Television Writing. This makes me seven times smarter than the average econ major. My degree (yep, some institution gave me one) is in Television Writing because a B.A. in Theater only gets you a 2nd interview at the Applebee's in Carson City. I spent the last few years in the Conservatory program at Second City where I studied and performed for literally dozens of people. Present day has me in Los Angeles, California where I'm in the process of establishing a career in fake-tanning and chain-smoking. If you haven’t figured out by now, I'm speak fluent sarcasm. I'm also a die-hard Chicago Sports fan (Cubs, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks). Enjoy the amusement ride that is Andrew Roffe...