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Rob Neilson is an award winning DP/Director/Editor born on Long Island NY and is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts. His first feature film: Worlds Best Dad, had it’s world premiere at the 2011 Rooftop Films Summer Series. Recently he has shot After, a short documentary dealing with a couple’s grief after the suicide of their son, We’re Getting Out, a short comedy about the middle class fleeing America for greener pastures, Like Ingrid Bergman, a comedy about a man re-experiencing all of his past breakups…at once, T is for TV Casualty, a dark comedy about an axe murderer with first world problems, and The Hobo Menace, a scare film warning of the oncoming hobo scourge. He has relocated from Brooklyn NY, to Houston Texas…where he plans to get involved in shady local politics, and wear a large hat. You should hire him for a job, he owns his own camera/lighting/sound package and has a valid drivers license and passport. He will travel anywhere for work, the more exotic the better! In his spare time he enjoys reading, ice hockey, and hunting people for sport on his private island.