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RideThePine.com and Ride The Pine video series comes to you from the sometimes funny brain of Alex Balcerski ( TheAlexShow.com ). It was designed with one concept in mind...let's have fun talking sports. Alex Balcerski spent years as co-host of The Scotty and Alex Show on FM stations in Atlantic City (WJSE) and Philadelphia (WYSP). A topical, hot talk show that featured comedy, sports, and current events. In 2008, Balcerski ventured into the internet and podcasting world. And here we are... Ride The Pine features a couple of new videos every week that range from 2-4 minutes long that looks on the lighter side of sports. From Tiger Woods' terrible celebrations to coming eye-to-eye with Manute Bol's zipper, Alex will have you guessing on what he will say next!