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Rick Martinez

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Born in the Bronx New York, Rick Martinez later spent his childhood in Bayamon, Puerto Rico before moving back to New York for his High School education. He arrived in Los Angeles in 2002 and right away started making waves in the comedy game performing at all the major Improv’s and local comedy clubs. His very first appearance as a “rookie” comic was at the “Ha-Ha Café” in North Hollywood where he achieved great success. He quickly gained the reputation of the funny man and was getting booked for shows across the nation from Los Angeles to back home in New Jersey. Rick was moving on up on the Westside. After one year Rick was tired of doing guest spots here and there. Rick felt like Latino comedy was not getting the appreciation it deserved. He branched out to start “Spicy Latino Nights” at the Hollywood Improv and after 8 months in Hollywood he moved the show out to Ontario, CA. Going on his seventh year doing comedy Rick is making even more moves to stardom. Rick is currently working on the movie “Lean like a Cholo” based on the hit song “Lean like a Cholo.” Rick has also appeared in the independent film “Up Against the Eight Ball” which was included at the NY Film Festival, as well as many other film festivals. Rick also surfaced on VH1’s “When Comics Ruled the World” and created “Latin Knights” which is a collaboration of the hottest Latin comics in the industry.