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is cooler than peanut butter. But not the Fonz...

Hey Gang, you've come to the profile of that guy nobody cares about! REUBNICK! Well, now that you are here, for a good time you should click that fun little "Subscribe button", and comment my newest video. It's what all the cool kids do. Thanks for coming! Well, now I am SURE you want to know what my videos are like, am I right? Well, I guess that's up to you to decide. I personally fancy my videos to be similar to Saturday Night Live, which is appropriate because being on that show is my biggest dream, but I also get a lot of "You are like Jackass!!". I don't mind that, considering that is my favorite show, but I definitely don't think I'm good enough to be considered like Jackass. At any rate, just don't tell me I'm like Michael Moore. Not that you would, but I just hate that guy. By the way, you can also find me on youtube. I actually sort of have a following on there. Yeah, I'm surprised as you are. http//