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is looking for a good producer for my movie "Proximity" and TV series "Opal Guin

Hi. My name is Karen Townsend. I have loved writing since I was a child. I wrote the screenplay "Proximity" which I am currently seeking a producer and funding for. It has been given good reviews from producers and has some excellent acting powers commit to performing in it. I am currently developing the TV series "Opal Guiness". "Opal Guiness" is a series that focuses on Opal, a young girl of 18. One day Opal's mother Rose, is run down on the way home from work at a diner in Las Vegas leaving Opal to raise 3, 7 year old girls: Faith, Hope and Ella on her own. Opal takes the girls to The Virgin Valley Nevada where they take up residence in a mobile home park and make quick friends. They find employment at The Royal Peacock Opal Mines (a real place where you dig through giant sandcastles looking for genuine opals) finding and selling Opal's. Opal and the girls make friends at the mine and Opal falls in love with the mine's jewelry designer, Grant... I do the webcast "A Quick Laugh." I love comedy and write a lot of stand up. My daughter, Anna, always gives me a quick laugh with her descriptions and imitations of things in life as well. I have a degree in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement because I have always wanted to help people. The degree enables me to do work as a research specialist. I assist in the operation of the websites, and I have been told I am this generation's Roseanne Barr. I am exquisitely beautiful as long as you have on glasses that are not your prescription. ( I enjoy travel, dancing, swimming, spending time with friends and family, writing, stand-up, good dreams, kissing, music, cookie dough and other yummy foods.