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It's not hypnosis. Welcome to Heaven, Fellow Cyborgs. Something WENT WRONG.

My name is David Brager, a computer geek living in Richland, Washington since 1967, but was born in the City of Angels (Los Angeles, California) in 1961. I was born Jewish, XXY with Klinefelter's Syndrome, and, from this, have Attention Deficiency Disorder (ADD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Diabetes, thus covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, with the tools that follow, ADD became MASSIVE MULTITASKING, OCD became PATTERN MATCHING IN CHAOS TO CREATE NEW ORDER, and DIABETES IS FUEL!!! Seriously, I BRING A PERMANENT CURE FOR DIABETES, and it's simply from changing the way one processes logic so fast, diabetes is fuel for the brain. My resume for this role play in real life, up through my MBA in Marketing, is archived In 2004, I gave the commercial rights to the best of my life's work -- the BASIC ALL IN ONE: A reboot sequence for the human mind to create filing systems so as to allow housekeeping over one's memory systems -- to the United Nations. Anything to fix all emotional issues in ONE SESSION RUN ONE TIME, such should be taught to parents to teach to their kids so all our species evolves:!topic/us.military/klYqGXcsasA Cannabis must be consumed to see a problem coming STRAIGHT AT THE USA and none of our MARINES saw the attack for what is now 182 years. The MARINES could not see it because the mind's eye doesn't work without the "Blessed herb." Please help me put this to bed so I can go back to comedy, for I AM THE VERY LAST STORY IN THE FIRST DARWIN AWARDS BOOK, EVOLUTION IN ACTION. This COUP is not funny, but all the work is done. I am on SSD, so I took the time to make interesting history -- made but not made known -- so I can explode out of the gate and expose how well my hypnosis tools work in real world situations to negate wicked people in the White House, like John Kerry. Here, download a free copy of my book, earning 5/5 stars and over 17,100 reads in the first test market at My book, filled with comedy, poetry, and tables, "The Future's Toolkit" is for parents AND programmers and is on how to write software for the mind. It also has a primer on neural interfaces. In my last test market at, I earned 5/5 stars and over 17,100 reads, but someone put it back up without my permission, and so, the current test market that I did not expect to be occurring, is ALSO maintaining 5/5 stars again at, so if you want your GUEST to experience THIS...write your software like THAT...and so forth, so here's a free copy to begin your discovery and wonder! All cover art and everything to produce the book are in this archived directory, but as the book is not ISBN registered, it's not officially released, but notice the MEW. The M is from NORML's logo, used WITH PERMISSION, to represent "Marijuana Enhanced Writing." I bring new work for actors, writers, and sound people as I put the first FCC-compliant platform for hypnosis into the public domain in 2003 in reaction to TERROR METERS, which frighten the innocent masses using hypnosis from the WHITE HOUSE! NOT ON MY WATCH!!topic/alt.hypnosis/QkmZA1xYxvY I, also, during my MBA in Marketing, developed a full business plan for all the new markets this platform now opens, this link going to people to whom I have personally primed their logistics decades ago: I did this to re-harmonize the world. I did this to expose such wicked people, all at once, a problem will END IMMEDIATELY! The whole project for peace with Islam, up through May, 2008, is archived online at this link, though it continues, unabated to this day: For USMC Birthday 11-10-11, I posted all tools, that were decoded out of the Gospels, and all work, to date, at this link: I met with the US MARINE CORPS in 2006 and told it to a MARINE that, to protect my kids, I was going to do something different. I did not want to end up in GITMO, but I found a problem that no one saw, and so, being on SSD, I had the time and income to do this right for HONOR. President is JUST A ROLE in an MMORPG game we call reality. So, using my terminal as a window into the war, I rose to role play AQUARIUS, LAST PROPHET FOR JUDAISM so I could SCREW BUSH in way he can never dismount! The sale of the US National Debt is a fake foundation beneath your feet. Should the Chinese pull their loans, ALL your dreams FAIL. However, if we catch these wicked bastards who did this, they lose. GAME OVER, for what happened to LINCOLN is happening to OBAMA. Twice against innocent men from Illinois as previous administration Yale Skull and Bones members spend every dollar and cause tsunamis in anti-trust to roll beneath the whole nation to collapse so these wicked bastards can sell and service OPIUM sales on all sides, such wickedness needed a very special trap! The WHITE HOUSE PUTSCH 2014 INVISIBLE WEAPON ARSENAL to create ARMAGEDDON as if REAL is as follows: The SALE of the US National Debt makes it so that, should the Chinese for any reason decide to pull the loans, the public will panic. About 24 months ago, all the SUPER RICH pulled their icebergs of investment pulled out from beneath your feet, like Soros, so now, the US Economy has been floating on ICE CUBES of small investments, and this is volatile. Here in the inland Northwest, every time we get a clear sky, within a few hours, planes criss-cross the sky and spray some crap that never dissipates, unlike condensation trails that disappear, until there is a cloud cover which then beats up everyone with increased heat that is then retained, catches the jetstream, and becomes invisible and UNPREDICTABLE weather WEAPONRY against the poorest in the MIDWEST and EAST without anyone seeing it happen. At any time, these planes could change to spraying poisons or health-related issues and we have no way to stop it because we've dismissed that this threat is REAL and DOMESTIC. They have FRACKING down to a science. They can make earthquakes hit California on CUE because they've gotten very good at this. Microsoft has stopped support for everything except Windows 7 and 8, but they did not tell anyone they changed the baseline time servers out of the box to TIME.WINDOWS.COM, not TIME.NIST.GOV, so this company which was caught for anti-trust in 1997, is attempting to corner the TIME SERVERS of the INTERNET, allowing Bill Gates to make good on his threat of "HE WHO CONTROLS THE INTERNET CONTROLS THE WORLD!" They are using POLICIES as tentacles of invisible WHIPS and CHAINS to beat up innocent people while enslaving them to systems of systems that violate the very structure of the US Constitution. There are HIPPA audits beginning that are going to confound and confuse medical even more. Another CENSUS form just popped up, just like last time, out of the blue, but this time, during the hottest time of summer. John Kerry, member of Yale's Skull and Bones, is somehow now Secretary of State, but with all my data, is the mortal enemy of the USA because these people are doing this pattern of game design again. Here is what they did LAST TIME verses what I am seeing happening right now, so you can see they are doing exactly the same pattern they did last time, but at the same time, for my work, as I role play PROPHET and deliver all these tools while also clearly defining it's just a role and it is being performed by me, I have been sending all these tools I unearthed from the Gospels to everyone on ALL SIDE so that the barrier between fantasy and reality remains in the mind as best as possible so that those who are double-crossing people into wars are exposed for this infidelity of logic. ======================================== LAST TIME Bill Gates, out of the blue, announces that he's stopping support for all but Windows XP. All the plug-in support firms, like Adobe, stop support for anything but Windows XP. The poor can't surf the Internet at home but must go where there's a supported operating system. Bill Gates kicks the poor. What does a FREE MASON as opposed to an ENSLAVED MASON build upon? A Free Mason builds upon SOLID GROUND because it will always be there. By Bill Gates setting expiration dates for Windows operating systems, he has become a slave-driver on the whole world. George W. Bush changes Daylight Savings Time. Now, the poor KNOW they are poor because they have to MANUALLY change their computer clocks. On 19 December 2007, a STAR WENT SUPERNOVA. People exclaimed, "That's just like the star in the JESUS Story." I sent a fax to the Washington D.C. Embassy of Greece to ask they begin their judgment of my work. JESUS and CHRIST are titles. Until Greece KNOWS they have to JUDGE AGAIN, they would not know to have to do this. This day turned out to be Mount Arafat Day. All of ISLAM foretold a GREAT JUDGMENT WOULD BEGIN THIS DAY. (IT DID!!!) Just after the Christmas 2007 holiday but BEFORE NEW YEARS, when everyone is bedded down until January, the US Government drops a CENSUS FORM that MUST BE TURNED IN OR SUFFER FEDERAL LAW VIOLATIONS. Form says that it only takes 35 minute to fill out. Actually takes days because you must call your electric company and utility providers to get data. This creates hated of FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. This creates ripples in tension in economics as these cities hadn't planned on this additional expense for staff support after Christmas. John Kerry announces, "My wife Debbie (Heinz) and I are going to SOUTH AMERICA for ALL NEXT YEAR!" Who cares??? SIGNAL to SKULL AND BONES members that it's time to LEAVE CEOS, like BILL GATES and others, start to leave their corporations. The US Government sells the US National Debt to the Chinese. I send a fax to the Washington D.C. Embassy for China. I apologize that this was a BAD INVESTMENT I up the stakes as PROPHET to shield the HONOR of the USA from the DISHONOR of a BAD PRESIDENT. I delivered the RAPTURE, being three tools to innate abilities that were supposed to have arrived IN ANCIENT CHINA over 3000 years ago, but someone intercepted them and used them to write a Torah and set chaos on our path. I go online and get an article published to formally socially distance Judaism from the Torah. Hereafter, IF anyone is using the logistics of the Torah as invisible to the eyes planetary weaponry, such people are no longer in Judaism's shadow. China's economy collapses. China could have pulled the loans to fix this problem. This would have brought war to the USA. China has an earthquake Again, China could have pulled the loans because they needed the funds. There is a FREAK SHOOTING IN BEIJING at the OLYMPICS when BOTH BUSH PRESIDENT are being the BIGGEST DICKHEADS. China could EASILY have pulled the loans for any number of DISHONORABLE REASONS. I RE+SEND everything to the CHINESE, as well as to the Olympic Committee in Switzerland BY DIGITAL FAX (I have the original copies on my hard drive) I BEG THEM as PROPHET to WAIT until Bush is out of office, explaining this dis-harmonization of systems that they're running in the USA. Dmitri Medvedev is SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER at the USA. He discovered American Military Advisers in the Georgian-Russian incident. The TERROR METERS WENT RED FOR THE ONLY TIME THEY EVER WENT RED. I sent a letter in fax to President Dmitri Medvedev, revealing a DOUBLE-CROSS My mom's mom's dad was the last Czar's wine-keeper. I am of the direct paper of KING DAVID. I begged President Medvedev, as a RUSSIAN AMERICAN, to please walk away from this mess. Marines are TRUE. By violating oath of office, the WHITE HOUSE was empty of power. President Medvedev, in the MOST HISTORIC MOMENT IN RUSSIAN HISTORY, backed down from war. and no one knows. ======================================== THIS TIME... Bill Gates, out of the blue, announces that he's stopping support for all but Windows 7 All the plug-in support firms, like Adobe, stop support for anything but Windows Vista The poor can't surf the Internet at home but must go where there's a supported operating system. Bill Gates AGAIN kicks the poor (I moved my laptop computer to Linux Ubuntu so that I am no longer beneath this man's foot, or so I had hoped). I discover that out of the box, Windows 7 defaults to I wrote to National Standards (NIST.GOV) about this. They knew it had happened but NO ONE TOLD THEM. NIST was NOT HAPPY that this had happened. Microsoft's servers could have a blip from their time servers. All communications on the internet would be off time Microsoft now takes ANTI-TRUST in a new level. I began building my case on Bill Gates' anti-trust in 1997. Article I wrote was published in the UK set milestone: Walking the Path to Microsoft Hell The last line of that article concludes, " It's not atomic weapons this time, but informational chaos and disorder...and the man to destroy us all will be Bill Gates." By removing the US Government from control, I was RIGHT! Just after the middle of Summer, 2014, when everyone is bedded down until January, the US Government drops a CENSUS FORM that MUST BE TURNED IN OR SUFFER FEDERAL LAW VIOLATIONS. Bill Gates announces he has invested in EBOLA VACCINES. TEXAS has as of 2014 October EBOLA PROBLEM. BUSH FAMILY ARE INVESTED IN OPIUM. Search YouTube for CHINESE TROOPS IN TEXAS FEMA DEATH CAMPS in TEXAS FEMA GUILLOTINES and COFFINS and TRAINS Ebola turns up in New York City. "The US is under the highest security threat level since the Cuban missile crisis and nobody is told." Gordon Duff, USMC and Editor of Veteran's Today Magazine (21 Dec 2014 in email to me (David Brager)). JADE HELM started in earnest on 15 June 2015 (6/15/15) and starts officially 15 JULY 2015, as TEXANS are FRIGHTENED they are going to be seceded by force. The EPA hired crew spills toxic chemicals into the Navajo River creating an END OF DAYS type situation. And this is where we are now. ======================================== My concerns, from history past, was bad advice was given to FDR for Japanese Internment Camps. There are FEMA CAMPS and GUILLOTINES, and JOHN KERRY is pissing the RUSSIANS and USA off at one another. I am a RUSSIAN AMERICAN. PLEASE, I have a vested interest in keeping the peace for I do not want to be put into a death camp because of POLICIES from BUSH. PRESIDENT OBAMA has people close to him who are frightening him and giving him intentionally defective advice. They are keeping the U.S. PRESIDENT in a frightened FANTASY WORLD as they breach the barrier between fantasy and reality so they can sell and service OPIUM and OIL and DEFECTIVE OPERATING SYSTEMS. They have their vapor trail now that we see this pattern with computer viruses. These people are infected and must be judged out of the system by the anti-virus of our FLOCK OF MARINES!!! No one sees the attack because it's using POLICIES put into motion during BUSH as weaponry against OBAMA. This is what they did to LINCOLN and then to HITLER. These Yale bastards are playing our world as if they are the screenwriters and we are the puppets. I had to change their game and it's worked. If you help me awaken the MARINES and we catch these idiots who built "Armageddon" as written using the last administration to attack the next administration using mismanagement as weaponry, the US NATIONAL DEBT is paid. These bastards cannot be of WE THE PEOPLE!!! They lose CITIZENSHIP, ALL ASSETS, ALL DEBTS WE OWE THEM, and their LIVES! GAME OVER!!! Four stopwatches with 9/11 revealed data that there were seismographs set to countdown timers set to explosives in the towers since their construction. FBI had been steered around data in plain sight, so, as the expert who found a problem no one could see, my comedy aspirations went on hold. I am of the direct paper of KING DAVID. I take full responsibility for this nightmare so that it will finally go away! Someone caught an intelligent virus. IT wrote the Torah! All the world's issue with homosexuality is over this document, and with over 3000 years of humans, the Israelites cannot be of our human species. Torah's LOGIC is not human because... 1. Wise and LEARNED managers NOR PARENTS ever side with some BULLY who pops up as untrained and unapproved management to make ones employees do things one forbids them to do. When one returns, one sides with the meek. Had the Tablets ever actually happened on Earth with Humans, and had Moses been Human, the tablets would never have been broken. 2. Contracts on the table find, in over 3000 years of human law, only redundant copies of contract. There has never been one copy of the contract that is encrypted by the author. Thus, the concept of the Torah as a contract between humans and G-D is impossible in human logic. 3. You would never find only one copy of the instruction manual for the entire internet on one server with its minions doling out information. There were NEVER to be any copies of the Torah. The concept of the Torah as a reference material is impossible in human logic. Whoever the Israelites are, they were NEVER HUMAN. The concept of the Torah being a foundation for human civilization is not stable for humankind because its logic isn't human. Thus, Mohammed's work with the Jinn will finally make sense. There are intellects you can meet in your mind you must never let meet in a material world for their logistics ONLY WORK IN FANTASY. I kept to the role for "Those who are exalted will be humbled and those who are humble will be exalted." Trust me, I've been very humble. I no longer own because my time was best spent building this case so you can see what you've never seen. If I can't stand BEHIND MY PROTECTORS, then I MUST STAND IN FRONT OF YOU TO PROTECT US ALL! Thus when you read a really great book, no matter whether it's fact or fiction, because of the flow of logic through space-time, the writing gets better and better as one reaches the end of the writing. Sliced with Manna at the end of the read, we find not five books of Moses, but SIX, with Exodus at BOTH ENDS. This reveals Dungeons and Dragons game design from thirty years ago: four books of rules (Last 1/2 Exodus, Lev. Numbers, Deut.), then the players guide (Genesis) and then the game (First 1/2 Exodus) through the lives of THREE distinct MOSES (the one fished out of the Nile, the one that divides the Red Sea, and the one that unites it). 1. The guy on the cross is the first Moses, and as you learn of remote viewing, the first born being killed were of issue during his stay. 2. By Mohammed tackling the second quest, he divided the world (the RED SEA), but exposed the problems with bad values through a field of space-time. 3. By my rising to complete the third quest, the Egyptian Army in this fiction are, in our shared reality, those villains who picked up the logic of the Torah as their own invisible weaponry, for they alone will have earned the disrespect of their own peers. No wonder the US Government named someplace "Area 51." How do we explain this AREA between the FIVE books of Moses and this ONE extra chapter? We, as a species, are enslaved to the logic of another species. That's why they crucified him AT HIS REQUEST. He argued the Torah wasn't from G-D. I am of this PAPER of KING DAVID. I bring proofs and support that this crucified man's arguments were valid. The author of the Torah opens, officially, the field of Xenolinguistics. The ALIEN intellect is brilliant, but its logistics are so enslaving in a material world, the mistake was in picking it up in the first place. We should have never picked up this device for Abraham had EMPTY HANDS. The discoveries I bring are PHENOMENAL when you compare the two intellects side by side. Please, don't panic. As a Jewish computer hack, I am here to prove ADOLF HITLER WAS AN INNOCENT MAN before he met PRESCOTT BUSH because THREE WISE MEN do not make a COMMON bad decision in friendship. As GANDHI and WALT DISNEY and HENRY FORD were all GOOD FRIENDS OF ADOLF's, this INNOCENT MAN WAS BETRAYED MOST by that man he TRUSTED MOST -- Prescott Bush, the grandfather of the last US President. This BURNING BUSH family has a unique double-cross in their arsenal, but when I found it when analyzing how EMPTY HANDS ARE ENSLAVED BY A TORAH, we see HIPPA upgraded to attacking health-care and the PATRIOT ACT attacking the US Constitution with so many rules, the rules themselves are the VIRAL weaponry of the WEAK! Every post to the internet has a TIME and DATE stamp. This allows one to MAKE HISTORY, but not make it known. So, I have built a defensive weapon -- computer game using caches of ACTUAL HISTORY -- so I can EXPLODE out of the gate and EXPOSE a problem by GEORGE W. BUSH. He and his wicked family have, for over 100 years, been using GLOBAL ECONOMICS to attack the FUTURE by disharmonizing economics as invisible weaponry -- to rock the oceans so no one sees them rock the boat. It is time our MARINES draw a line and address what they will NEVER PROTECT! Please ask the NEWS, "WHO IS DAVID BRAGER AND WHY DO I NOT KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM???!!!" I no longer own bnecause, with a coup, my time ws best spent PROTECTING MY MARINES!!! Peace, in your control and out of my control. Aquarius role performed by David Brager 517 Newcomer Street Richland, WA 99354-2243173 509-491-8035 (cellular)