Election 2016: the Race for the Playroom

Bringing Politics down to the Pre-School Level

Election 2016: the Race for the Playroom Election 2016: the Race for the Playroom

After volunteering in Nevada and working on some Very Serious election 2016 projects, we sisters (Sara and Zoë Worth) sought refuge in making a comedy video in the style of our juvenile art projects. We were typing up a brief for an earnest campaign video when we spotted Zoe's Jabba toy out of the corner of our eyes. He looked exactly like Donald Trump. We grabbed her copy of the 1998 comic book Jabba the Hut: The Art of the Deal off the shelf and never looked back. We thought immediately of Raggedy Ann because she looks exactly like Hillary Clinton, and her hubby Andy makes a perfect former prez Bill. Our first video, Love Trumps Hutt, is a parody celebrity PSA in support of Raggedy Ann's historic campaign to be the first doll president of the Playroom, against that evil slug of a gangster, a Jabba the Hutt figurine. It's a silly riff on the Trump vs. Clinton race, using the world of a child's imagination to illustrate the absurdity of this election.