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disowned its status message.

Here's the thing, a lot of companies are popping up these days claiming that what they do is Internet TV (I-TV). But it's not. RawVegas.tv is a first-of-its-kind I-TV channel. What makes us different? Check out these bullet points below: * Our Internet video is 100% original. * Our Internet video was made specifically for I-TV broadcast. * We have new Internet video programming on the site daily. Yep, every day. * You will actually enjoy watching our Internet video content. If you want to watch a bunch of 30-60 minute long random Internet videos pulled from a variety of sources for no rhyme or reason, then go to RandomInternetVideoPortal.com.* If you want an inside look and daily dose of what really happens in Las Vegas, then bookmark RawVegas.tv and make us a regular part of how you kill some time each and every day.