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Istvan Dugalin - Independent Filmmaker Founder of Raised Eyebrow Productions Raised Eyebrow Productions is an independent production company dedicated to producing off-the-wall theatre and film that defies expectations and raises eyebrows. Istvan has produced and directed several digital short films. The first, I SHALL FEAR was shown at the 1999 Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival. The latest, PUT THAT AWAY, was screened as part of the Digital Gun Awards in Toronto (December,2003). In 2003, Istvan co-produced and directed his first feature - a horror film entitled THE MODERN THINGS, a raw and maddeningly subjective film that jumps right into a bizarre, fresh concept that the technologies of the world take over lives emotionally, physically, and mentally. It was independently screened at Toronto's Bloor Cinema in August of 2003, and is currently shown on www.undergroundfilm.org, with DVDs for sale on the Raised Eyebrow Website Store.